Thank you to all of my students for a lovely summer of dancing!

Stay tuned for upcoming fall courses.

$60 (4wk course)


Beginner I - Basic footwork, turns & arm styling

Beginner II/Intermediate I - Introduction to advanced footwork, travelling/double turns & arm styling

Intermediate II - Advanced footwork, timing & turns. Increased focus on body rhythm and styling.

These online courses are focused on 'shine' and solo footwork, turns & arm-styling.

NO partner is needed!

These courses will also undoubtedly improve your overall body rhythm, coordination and balance. 

Fill out the Contact Form to register.

*All course costs must be paid in full before the course begins

*All courses are NON-refundable and missed classes cannot be transferred to other courses. - A screen recording of a missed class may be requested.

*Links to online courses are meant exclusively for the registrant and are not to be shared. 

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