For 4 nights, we performed original arrangements and mashups of some well known favourites. These songs inspired us and accurately spoke to the range of emotions and experiences that we've all had over this past year. 

Each night featured a different dancer and was brilliantly live-streamed from 3 different points of view. Enjoy! 

Co-produced by Jamii & CORPUS, in partnership with Canadian Stage.

Artistic Co-Directors: Anika Johnson and Isorine Marc

February 2021 - Black History Month

I didn’t know what this was going to be when I started it. It began as a request for a Black dancer; for Black dance as a celebration of our culture. As an artist, it’s typical to be commissioned to create work but this one was different and especially timely. I had felt myself retreating much like the sun and the warmth this time of year but, this forced me to pick myself up off the shelf.

Proverbs 18:16 says my ‘gift will make room’ for me or it ‘opens the way for the giver’. My art has saved me many a time and so I knew that this one was for me. I moved where my body and spirit said to move. I moved through my current injury and in spite of it, I offered up myself.

I think Black culture is hard to define. We call it ‘Black’ as a way to seem unified because we call ourselves ‘Black’ - those of us of the diaspora not knowing our specific roots. However, it is a conundrum because Black people are not a monolith and we do not want to be seen as such. So I don’t know if this is Black culture or Black dance but, I do know that this is the way that my Black body moves, interprets and emotes.

I celebrate my expression and invite you to celebrate with me.

Music: Trust (feat. Marsha Ambrosius )

Artist: Robert Glasper

Performance & Choreo: TrudyLee Gayle

Video & Editing: Khalile Boodhoo

Thanks to PG Case for asking!

December 2020 - TD GoalAssist


Here's my most recent TV and web spot for TD Bank which was filmed in September for their new mobile app. This was definitely a great way to end the year. 

Some Commercial work from the archives...


The fall season always reminds me of my first big union shoot. I had the opportunity to work with Gary Oldman on a UK national ad campaign for O2 (UK wireless giant). The spot was giving away free cinema tickets to their customers. It's the most fun I've ever had on set to this day.

 Divine Interventions 

I spent my September workshopping this new piece from Corpus Dance Projects.

I learned how to ride and pilot a quint tandem bike. - Seriously!

We had a few outdoor performances in Trinity Bellwoods park (Toronto) and it was nothing short of magical. It could not have come at a better time and I'm so thankful to all whom were involved!

Here's some demo footage from October 3, 2020.

Happy International Dance Day

April 29, 2020 - This wasn't the day, month or year that any of us were imagining but still I danced through it with vulnerability, honesty and gratitude. Dance has always been and continues to be such a gift. 

Toronto has such great social dance events. Here's a little clip of some freestyle Cuban Salsa and Rumba at The Mid Day Fix ...pre-covid.

Words is the 5th single from the album titled, 'Ganja Harvest’ which pays tribute to Canadian music legend Neil Young’s album, ‘Harvest'. 

It is reinterpreted as a reggae dub album mixed by 7x Juno award winner and nominee, Dubmatix. 

Turn Out Radio - CIUT 89.5

Live radio interview w/Shawn Byfield & Nicole Hamilton

Career Buzz - CIUT 89.5

Live radio interview w/Nicole Hamilton

Words - Reggaddiction feat. TrudyLee Gayle

Inica Dance Industries




By: TrudyLee Gayle

Obeah Opera

The Cast of Obeah Opera performs live on Breakfast Television - June 2019